String Math 2019

01-05 July 2019, Uppsala, Sweden

Scientific Talks

The titles of the talks are as follows:

Alday – TBA
Anderson – New Aspects of Heterotic Geometry
Aniceto – From asymptotics to exact results in string and gauge theories
Beem – TBA
Cheng – TBA
Gaiotto – M2 and M5 branes in Omega-deformed M-theory
Gualtieri – Realizing the potential of generalized Kähler geometry
Gukov – TBA
Hitchin – SYZ for Higgs bundles
Kapustin – Chiral central charge and the thermal Hall effect on the lattice
Kontsevich – Non-perturbative arithmetic of quantum cohomology
Larfors – String perspectives on manifolds with G2 structure
Longhi – Aspects of a correspondence between quivers and knots
Nadler – TBA
Nekrasov – Fun with Folded Instantons
Okounkov – TBA
Pasquetti – 3d N=2 dualities from 2d free field correlators
Pestun – TBA
Petersen – Lie, associative and commutative quasi-isomorphism
Schafer-Nameki – Fibers add Flavor: Classification of 5d SCFTs, Flavor Symmetries and BPS States
Seiberg – Anomalies in the Space of Coupling Constants
Shende – Skeins on Branes
Vanhove – Mirroring Towers of Feynman Integrals: Fibration and Degeneration in Feynman Integral Calabi-Yau Geometries
Taylor – Most known Calabi-Yau threefolds have elliptic or genus one fibration structure
Yau – TBA
Yonekura – TBA